My name is Charley Lochtefeld and I am a traveler.

I am not a traveler in the sense that “wherever I hang my hat is my home” nor am I  “born to Run” – or even a “Ramblin Man”.  I have a home and I like it.   I have a job, a life and a general range that is typically less than about 40 miles.  I even have a cat, a bird and some fish to feed.  Like most people, I have obligations and self created balls and chains of my own creation.  But like the Artic Tern sitting happily on his block of Ice I cannot fight the urge to make a big circle in the sky.    Nor can I fight the urge to explore my home settings more deeply.

I have been a lot of places and seen a lot of things and I am hoping to see and do a whole lot more, but traveling is not a bucket list item for me.  It’s who I am.  It’s who I have always been and it’s who I always will be.  I collect smiles handshakes and shared experiences.   I express my creativity and humanity through experience.

In my mind, this way of being all started with three things, a short relationship with a little old lady whose name I don’t remember, a set of encyclopedia and a large map of the world.

As I get into this blog, I look forward to telling you more about those three things and how they helped shape me into who I am, but for now – lets go places !