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Joshua Tree


79a6-ea5e-ca96-bc8cFlowers – Rocks and Transition

Neither Wendy nor myself have ever been to Joshua Tree, so our understanding of the whats wheres and hows was limited.   We expected a big desert and hopefully some wild flowers, but we received something far more vibrant and diverse than we could have possibly imagined.

Joshua Tree is a transitional zone encompassing three deserts, the Sonora, Colorado and Mojave.  The geology and botany changes radically as you move short distances.  The park itself is very user friendly with well marked trails and off trail hiking as well.   There are no facilities per se, and it’s important to bring water, food and protection from the sun.  We where there in March and the weather was hot from 11am to 3pm and perfect the rest of the time.

One of the most striking things in abundance is of course the mighty Joshua Tree.

Yet in keeping with the parks diversity even the tree itself cannot be content with one look as it changes radically throughout it’s life cycle.

Here is one that reminds me of something Dr Seuss might have painted.  A dancing tree.

Here is a younger Tree

And surrounding the trees are surreal looking rock formations with Cactus and Tree’s growing from their cracks.


Everywhere you looked, there where fresh blooms, even in the thorniest of places.

Sometimes you see images and faces, like this one below which to me looks like a blacksmith hitting the anvil.

Paso Robles Pit Stop

We  took a rest stop on our way to Joshua Tree and stayed in Paso Robles .    Highlights included getting pulled over by the police, speed shopping the Kohls for forgotten shirts and eating amazing pasta at Buona Tavola

We stayed at the Paso Robles Inn  and “Spa”.  The Spa is a natural hot spring .   The sulfuric smell immediately  brought back fond memories of Iceland, but the novelty wore off pretty quick.  I enjoyed a nice soak in the tub on our balcony.

322d-c5af-969c-a715They grew organic food for the restaurant all over the hotel grounds.  As you walked around you saw gardens, Koi ponds, a pool, and an outdoor space for weddings.  I especially liked the view of this Maple (from an appropriately placed lounge chair).


Next Stop – Joshua Tree

Going to Joshua Tree

Looking forward to going to Joshua Tree for the first time.   Joshua Tree fits in the general category of truly amazing  places I avoided until later in life because I used to be super snobby about crowds and “supposed to be great” places.

Now I seek those places out, cause you know what ?  They are great.

I still dodge crowds, but I think of them more like weather – ya can’t let it hold ya back.   And you know what ?   Sometimes the rain can feel pretty good on your back and other people can feel pretty good on your soul too.

The timing is really great, a week of sun and warm temperatures.   It’s  the early stages of a the wild flower season (following a 3 year drought).   Birds will be migrating and places where bodies of water belong will actually have water.  The stars will be amazing.


I am especially looking forward to seeing Lupines like these – as I saw a ton of them in Iceland.

I am ready for general wild flower mayhem


Surreal Rock Formations 8e53a6df3f0b767126fec220985c8161


47026d97526d4fcf2d668d75e2aab546Tequila Cowboy sunsets

And I am really looking forward to seeing some of this – actually – a ton of this!


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